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Lighting Installation Services

Lighting is essential for every household as we all need a source of light. Whether you have LED bulbs, halogen bulbs or filament bulbs, we have the expertise to handle all lighting fixtures. There is also the option to have lots of other different types of lighting such as:

  • Security Lighting
  • Indoor Lighting
  • Down-lights
  • Neon lighting
  • LED lighting
  • Featured lighting
  • Emergency Lighting

Adding a set of new lighting can completely transform your property and give a much warmer feel to that place you call home. Adding a set of exterior or outdoor lighting could allow you to enjoy a well deserved late night barbecue after a long hot Summer’s day. Maybe you or your neighbour has suffered a recent break in and you just want to upgrade the outside of your home to have some security lighting? Introducing some motion-sensor lighting can prevent or be a deterrent for thieves.

Is your work-place suffering from poorly dimmed lighting? We offer a comprehensive commercial solution for installing office lighting to brighten up your working area. Whether you need a single light replaced or the whole premises, we offer a fully inclusive solution for all your commercial lighting needs.

Benefits of Better Lighting

By having a better source of light can be beneficial in various ways including putting less strain on your eyes for when you are reading, watching TV or on any electrical appliances. The colour of the lighting produced is also important to our moods and with the new introduction of different coloured bulbs, we can also install and offer a solution for these products.

Electrical Appliance Lighting

With the introduction of Amazon’s new homehub, ‘Alexa’, there has been a surge of popularity among people using the Alexa app for their electrical needs. By the voice activated commands, you can now tell your living room light to turn on or off. Alexa has come together and partnered with Philips to offer a range of different lighting bulbs that allow you to switch your lights on and off at the flick of a switch or with just a few words! All of our staff at Pavey Electricals Ltd have the experience to repair, test and install this type of electrical equipment throughout your home or commercial property.

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